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People interested in applying for Capital One credit cards can now make use of pre-approved mail offer by visiting and availing the chance to own one of the best credit cards in the market.

What Is Pre-Approved Mail Offer At

The aim of pre-approved mail offers is to make it easier for potential applicants to avail credit card offers and proceed with an easy and quick application. Honest reviews have shown that it has benefitted thousands of cardholders around the US.

Capital One, like many other leading banks in the United States, sends out pre-approved mail offers only to eligible customers after carrying out a soft inquiry on the credit report and details. This helps the bank to determine if the person in question would be able to handle the credit card responsibly or not.

Take Notes! Customers are often confused between pre-approved and pre-qualified credit card offers. Pre-qualified is a term used to indicate your creditworthiness. It is a less rigorous assessment but, on the other hand, pre-approved offer means the bank has thoroughly considered your financial standing. Therefore, pre-approved credit card mail offers are more certain and reliable.

If the Capital bank approves you for an offer, it will inform you via a letter in your mail. Specific terms and conditions mentioned in mail offer can very from one individual to another. Nonetheless, all of the letters contains two important pieces of information: a 16-digit reservation number and a 6-digit access code.

Now we will tell you what to do with these secret numbers.

Respond To Mail Offer at Using The Reservation Number

Mail offers considerably shorten the time required to apply for a credit card. You don’t have to fill a lengthy form or type in all your personal information. The bank has already assessed your background, personal data, and financial records. Now it simply needs a green signal from you to proceed with the application now.

So what you need to do is visit and enter the following data:

  • Reservation number
  • Access code

The two numbers are typically printed together in the mail offer at the bottom of the letter. Once you have entered them in the respective fields, click on “View Next Steps”. You will be able to view step-by-step procedure on the screen. Simply follow it to complete the application.

Attention! Applicants opting for a credit card with the mail offer have roughly the double chances of being accepted than those who proceed with the normal application online.

However, that does not imply that their request will be accepted with 100% guarantee. The bank authorities will still need to check their data before drawing the final decision.

Proceed With Credit Card Application With a Mail Offer

What is you wish to avail some of Capital One credit card offers but have not received any mail from the bank?

In this case you should visit Getmyoffer Capital One official website and see if you pre-qualify for any of the card offers. This works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Check your pre-approval status by answering some of the questions on the website.
  2. See which cards you are pre-approved for and choose accordingly.
  3. Answer some more questions and complete your credit card applications.

Some of the information you have to provide on the website includes:

  • Your first name, middle name (if any), and the last name.
  • Complete date of birth.
  • Valid social security number.
  • Residential address as P.O. Box is not valid.
  • Contact information such as email address and primary phone number, secondary phone number.
  • Your employment status.
  • Total annual income and monthly rent (if any).

At the end of the application, you will also have to disclose if you own any other bank accounts. Then scroll down and check the boxes next to Electronic Communications and Credit Inquiry Authorization.

Will This Hurt Your Credit Score? Many applicants are concerned that this application would incur a hard inquiry and affect your credit score. However, that is not true. Checking your pre-approval status does not impact your credit score. Applying for the credit card will.

Please keep in mind that when you are checking for pre-approval, the bank will only consider your eligibility for Secured Mastercard, QuicksilverOne Rewards card, and Platinum Mastercard.

What Happens After You Complete Your Credit Card Application at Getmyoffer CapitalOne

Once your credit card application is complete, Capital One bank may take 1 or 2 weeks to go over the form and your financial records to decide whether they should accept or reject your request.

You will receive the acceptance letter via mail. The credit card and other relevant documents will also be delivered to you shortly. Conversely, if they turn down the application, you will be informed via email along with the reason/reasons for rejection.

It is also possible that the bank takes more than just a couple of weeks to respond. This happens when the authorities think there is a piece of information that needs further validation or check. When this occurs, it is best to wait for 14 days or more before contacting their customer support team.

You should call 1-800-903-9177 to check application status. After hearing the instructions, click “3” and then from the menu select “Application Status”.

You will have to provide the same phone number that you gave at the time of credit card application to proceed. You can opt for immediate reconsideration if you are informed that your request has been denied. Credit Card Offers

Now that you know what to do with the mail offer, it is time to discuss the options you will have with

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the choices open to you have a lot to do with your creditworthiness. The offer will be made keeping in view your credit score, credit history, and a number of other factors. Some points you should be mindful about when applying for Capital One credit cards are:

  • You have to be a legal resident in the United States to be eligible for the credit cards.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Most credit cards here require good to excellent credit score. There are just a few exceptions that we will be discussing shortly.
  •  Credit limit can very from one applicant to another. It depends on creditworthiness and can be increased later on.

Here are a few credit cards worth considering with Capital One.

Capital One Quick Silver Credit Card

card guides

What’s Best? 1.5% cashback on all eligible purchases with no restriction of shopping on specific category.

Expenses To Consider

Capital One QuickSilver credit card is a great option to consider if you wish to stay clear of paying annual fees. The regular APR is set at 15.49% to 25.49% which is quite affordable as compared to some other high-end credit cards in the market.

QuickSilver credit card also offers 0% APR period for first 15 months. There is also a balance transfer fee of 3% but, fortunately, the card does not carry any charges on foreign transactions.

Prominent Features

First of all, as a cardholder, you will be eligible for a one-time $200 cash bonus on spending $500 within the first 3 months of card use. On top of that, you will earn 1.5% cashback on all eligible purchases made via the credit card.

There is no need to worry about rotating categories either. The rewards are offered at a flat rate on all inclusive purchases.

The cashback rewards that you earn through the card will not come with an expiry date. You are free to redeem them whenever needed or continue building up your score. The rewards will go to waste if you close the account without redeeming them.

As compared to other credit card, QuickSilver is quite fee-friendly. Coupled with cashback rewards it can be just the partner you need when out on a shopping spree or a travel holiday!

Venture Rewards Capital One Credit Card

Venture one

What’s Best? 2X miles rewards per dollar that is spent on making everyday purchases.

Expenses To Consider

Venture Rewards Capital One credit card at does carry a hefty annual fee of $95. The regular APR is set at 17.24% to 24.49% which is considerably affordable.

Furthermore, the card does not offer any introductory grace period. It does not have a foreign transaction fee and charges 3% for balance transfers done using this card.

Prominent Features

Since it is a “reward” credit card you will not be disappointed to hear about the earning opportunities that it offers.

Cardholders will win 100,000 bonus miles if they successfully spend $20,000 within the first year of card use. If someone is not able to reach this goal, they can still earn 50,000 miles by spending $3,000 within 3 months of becoming a cardholder.

Venture credit card is also a great choice for customers who are into travel plans a lot. It offers unlimited 2X miles on every eligible purchase. Bonus miles will not expire as long as you can keep the account open and there is no limit on how much you can win here.

You can use the bonus miles to book travel programs at the value of 1 mile per cent or transfer them to associated 10 travel partners. These can also be redeemed as gift cards with a value up to 1.25 miles per cent.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Capital Platinum card

What’s Best? A perfect option for those who wish to rebuild credit score quickly without worrying about annual fees.

Expenses To Consider

The best part about owning Capital One Platinum credit card is that it does not charge any annual fee. Moreover, purchase APR is 26.99% variable which is a bit high than other options that we have discussed above.

Platinum credit card does not offer any grace period. There are also no foreign transaction fees.

Prominent Features

Capital One Platinum credit card is a simple card with no annual fee and full coverage against frauds. Considering your credit score, you might not be improved for a very high credit limit but the credit line can be increased just after 6 months of becoming a cardholder.

Luckily, there are no penalty APR for late payments. However, these would be reported to credit bureaus and can degrade your credit score quickly.

After opening a Platinum credit card account at, you will be able to enjoy all the Platinum Mastercard benefits. This also includes access to CreditWise. The application can be used to keep a check on your credit profile regularly.

You are free to choose due date of your choice. This should be done considering your pay day and when you can make credit card payments easily. You also have the option to select whether to pay via online app, check or by visit the branch physically.

Savor Credit Card

Savor one card

What’s Best? $500 cashback on spending $3,000 within 90 days of becoming a cardholder.

Expenses To Consider

Capital One Savor credit card carries a high annual fee of $95. Its regular APR is between 15.99% to 24.99% variable. This is typical of many credit cards available at

There is no 0% introductory period. The card also does not charge any foreign transaction fee. The reward program is quite generous as well!

Prominent Features

The card is a reliable choice for customers who frequently spend on food. It offers 4% cashback on dining purchases, 4% cashback on entertainment, 2% cashback at grocery shopping, and 1% cashback on all other eligible purchases.

Cardholders can also earn $300 cash bonus if they successfully spend $3000 within 3 monthly of account opening.

You don’t need to complete any sign-up process in order to be eligible for cashback rewards. Furthermore, the rewards do not have an expiry date. They will be available as long as your account is active. You can earn as much as you spend!

Capital One Journey Student Credit Card

journey capital one

What’s Best? No credit check or credit score requirement to help young student initiate their credit card use easily.

Expenses To Consider

Journey Student credit card is free of any annual fee with a regular APR set at 26.99% variable. This is quite high as compared to other credit cards in the market.

There is no 0% introductory period. There is no foreign transaction fee.

Prominent Features

The card offers a flat 1% rewards rate of all eligible purchases. You will be offered even more compensation if you stick to making all payments on time.

Customers who choose a Select Streaming Subscription will also earn $5 per month for a year! This means you can earn up to $60 for streaming media.

The credit card account also lets you utilize CreditWise app to keep a check on your credit profile and spending habits. This is of immense help when you wish to start building your credit history on the right foot.

Since Journey credit card is typically meant for students, it reports too all three major credit bureaus and can be of huge assistant in building their reputable credit history.

Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card

Spark business

What’s Best? 2% cashback on all eligible purchases with no restriction on shopping in specific categories.

Expenses To Consider

Spark Cash credit card would waive off your annual fee for the rest year. However, later on, you will be charged $95. It has a regular variable APR of 20.99%. This is somewhat affordable as there are other credit cards on that charge more than this.

The card does not have any foreign transaction fee. On top of that, it also does not impose penalty charges in case you spend more than the credit limit.

Prominent Features

Spark Cash credit card offers a one-time bonus of $500 on spending $4,500 within 3 months of becoming a cardholder.

You can also earn 2% cashback on all eligible purchases. There is no limit or restriction on the category from which you need to buy. Furthermore, if you end up spending more than your devised credit limit, there will be no penalty fees!

Capital One Spark Miles Select

Spark Capital one

What’s Best? Earn 1.5X miles per dollar on every purchase that are redeemable without any black out dates or restrictions.

Expenses To Consider

This business credit card does not have any annual fee which is a great perk not found in my many other cards meant for business purposes. It has a variable regular APR of 13.99% to 23.99%.

Moreover, the card offers a grace period for 9 months. There is no foreign transaction fee or balance transfer fee!

Prominent Features

Cardholders can earn 1.5X miles per dollar on all purchases without any category restriction. The miles can be redeemed whenever you want and they do not come with an expiry date.

You also have the opportunity to win 20,000 miles on spending $3,000 within the first 3 months of account opening. These are equal to $200 in travel!

Credit Score Requirement For Capital One Credit Cards

  • QuickSilver Cashback Credit Card: Good To Excellent
  • Venture Rewards Capital One Credit Card: Good To Excellent
  • Capital One Platinum Credit Card: Average
  • Savor Credit Card: Good to Excellent
  • Journey Student Capital One Credit Card: Average
  • Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card: Good to Excellent
  • Capital One Spark Miles Select: Good to Excellent

Stay Safe From Scams With

Scams and frauds have made internet and online applications very risky. Amidst these, scammers tend to take advantage of the applicants by making fake mail offers and stealing personal information and credit data from you. If you end up sharing credit card information, this could have serious implications on your finances.

Hence it is important to make sure that you only work with reliable credit card issuers. You should also compare cards from different websites to save yourself from falling prey to a scam.

Another trend fraud is that of telemarketers contacting you for the sake of credit card insurance or offering fake interest rate reduction programs. Before providing any sensitive data over the phone, always confirm with your bank if the spokesperson is reliable and the offers are authentic or not.

Note! Providing your email ID at different websites may result in junk email that fill your inbox and make you miss out on important mails. You can stop these useless mails from wasting your time by requesting the credit bureaus to stop sharing your data with anyone.

The Bottom Line

So now you can see how beneficial Capital One Getmyoffer is. People who have received the credit card mail offer should definitely consider especially if they were already thinking of applying for a new card.

If you are left with any queries, feel free to drop your questions as well reviews in the comment section below. Best of Luck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getmyoffer Capital One

Is real and safe?

Yes! The bank sends out legit pre-approved mail offers via its website. You can access a range of cards here and choose the one that suits you best. The application process can be completed simply by providing the Access ode and Reservation number.

Is Capital One QuickSilver card better than Platinum credit card? QuickSilver credit card can only be availed with a good to excellent credit score. If you fulfill the criteria, it is best to apply for the card since it carries good reward offers. Platinum credit card is meant for customers with poor credit score who wish to improve their credit standing.

What is the highest credit limit that you can qualify for with Platinum credit card?

Capital One Platinum card will allow you for $300 credit line. The limit that you are offered initially depends on your creditworthiness.

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