Terms Of Service

Following are the terms of service that we put forward at www.getmyoffer.cc for all users. Every visitor must uphold these terms before making use of any service on the website.

Website Service Is Meant For

All the information on the website has been presented either with the intention of providing awareness to the readers or giving them an opportunity to get in touch with reliable credit card lenders.

1. The Purpose Of Guidance

Getmyoffer.cc provides extensive information about various credit cards along with the benefits of their use. However, none of the data should be regarded as a replacement for a legal device or personal credit management guide. Users must carefully go through the information discussed here in order to increase their knowledge.

If, as an applicant, you need help deciding which credit card to choose or how to apply then this must be done with professional assistance.

2. Information/Application Purposes

The website contains links to credit card issuers. We have only included reliable third-party links that you can visit if you wish to apply for a card. Inclusion of a credit card here does not serve the purpose of making a recommendation.

Moreover, application time and ease of submission may have also been discussed but if you experience technical issues when submitting the form online then www.getmyoffer.cc does not take the responsibility for your personal experience.


1. www.getmyoffer.cc does not issues any credit cards itself neither does it take responsibility for terms and conditions associated with a credit card application.

2. The website only contains authentic links to merchants that issue cards and provide their application forms. If you suffer any loss of money or a fraud when dealing with these third-party card providers then getmyoffer.cc will not take responsibility for it.

3. Credit card offers and terms of applications are listed here as discussed and shared by the issuers. Therefore, if an accuracy or a mistake is identified in the data provided by credit card companies then it will not be our responsibility to challenge the content that credit card suppliers provided.

Terms Of Use Can Be Modified If Needed

Terms of use on the website are always kept up to date. They are open to modifications and therefore, whenever a merchant changes any information on their website, credit card details mentioned here will also be altered. This include card’s interested rates, fees, application terms and requirements.

It is suggested that if you have gone through an article on the website some time ago and wish to apply for the card later on, recheck the product details to ensure that the terms and conditions are the same as advertised before.

Some products may also be temporarily or permanently discontinued on getmyoffer.cc if needed. The website is not under any contract to notify the visitors the reason behind such an action.